Ruth Yorke

I got into life coaching after going on my own little journey of what I like to call my pursuit of happiness. My pursuit of happiness was a period of pleasure, suffering and of growth which lead me discovering myself and finding clarity in who I am and what I want. I discovered my 'why?' in life was to help people. It was to introduce people to themselves. To help people see themselves as they truely are and then teach them to love and accept every part of their being. So this lead me to my career as a yoga, meditation teacher and life coach. Now I want to help you on your pursuit of happiness. I want to help you reconnect with who you are, to discover your values, to achieve all your goals and to find happiness.


Book in for your first session if you want any of the following:

- remove your limiting beliefs 

- turn negative behaviour habits into positive ones 

- reduce stress and anxiety

- removing difficult decisions and internal conflict

- using timeline therapy to remove stored negative emotion

- unlock your full potential and achieve your goals


Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer 

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